Yearly Acute Subscription Service

What is a Yearly Acute Subscription?

The Yearly Acute Service is a pre-paid service that provides you with acute assistance five days a week for the entire year.  Any time you need acute care, you can text or email me your symptoms and I will provide a protocol of remedies to help you to return to optimal health.  

The service runs from September 1st to August 31st every year. *Remedies not included. 

Please note if you need acute care and haven't signed up for the yearly subscription service, the Single One Time Acute Service is $63(tax included) (via text or email) 

Regular Prices will be in effect after August 18th and the last day to sign up is August 31st, 2023

Regular Price $365 + tax

Also note that a family pet can be counted as a family member. 

Purchase Here

$365 + 5% Tax

One person or One Pet for One year

Purchase is open August 18th to August 31, 2023  

Runs from September 1st 2023 to August 31st, 2024


Purchase Single Person


Purchase Family of 2


Budget Friendly Options Below:

I am offering a monthly payment plan for my yearly acute subscription service. Choose which one applies to your family and add your credit card details. A payment will be taken automatically on a monthly basis from your credit card. 

  • Solo Family Plan

    Payment Plan - 1 Person
  • Family of 2 Payment Plan

    Payment Plan - Family of 2
  • Family of 3 Payment Plan

    Payment Plan - Family of 3

Family of 4 Payment Plan

Payment Plan - Family of 4

Family of 5+ Payment Plan

Payment Plan Family of 5+