Homeopath, Intuitive Coach in Powell River, BC

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    I’m deeply grateful for Stephanie’s caring and knowledgeable guidance during my awakening journey. Stephanie has helped me unburden myself of old programs through a safe and powerful healing process. She teaches how to release what no longer serves in order to connect with the new.
    Tosca Reno
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    My daughter, who is 6yrs old, and I, have been using Stephanie’s acute homeopathic care program for the past year. She has been so detailed, prompt and attentive with our needs when we need her help. She’s helped us navigate through viral symptoms, bug bites, animal scratches, allergies, fractured bones, headaches, random symptoms we can’t figure out, tooth infections - which were told by our dentist would be untreatable aside from extraction ! Stephanie has helped my family feel calm and safe during unpredictable incidents, knowing we have her and homeopathy in our corner. Her services have helped my daughter build a divine trust for her body’s ability to work as a system and do amazing things at such a young and impressionable age. We have never felt frightened or uneasy of any symptoms we’ve had, we just “Call Stephanie please, I think I need a remedy.” (Is what my daughter would say). Stephanie always makes us feel cared for; She is thorough, specific, and knowledgeable, and it’s been life changing having her on our family health team !

    Kristen Chater
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    There are no words… homeopathy is life changing, Steph is amazing…. I would be 100 different places if it wasn’t for Stephanie Marwood. I’m a patient for life, my kid’s only know homeopathy and throughout the years my husband has even learnt to trust every pellet I give him!! 🙏🏽❤️Stephanie is professional, kind and all things positive 😘
    A truly beautiful soul, and life long friend.

    Maria Santos
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    Steph has helped me grow and learn about myself more than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. She has the ability to make you feel like a friend while also helping to guide you through hard times. She has taught me so much, she has pushed me and helped me want to help myself. Every session I have with her I leave feeling a million times better. There hasn’t been one time I’ve ended a session feeling bad. She has also offered me so much help through her acute plan with remedies. There was a night I had really bad indigestion, I was in pain for about 3 hours, after the second dose of a remedy I was 100% better. Beyond impressed with Stephs work and care for her patients. I’d recommend her to anyone and I have recommended her to everyone I know. She will change your life in the best way possible❤️

    babs oja
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    I met Stephanie as a friend and soon discovered she was a homeopath that had views that aligned with mine. I had an amazing first session with Steph and instantly felt safe in the blanket of her knowledge and expertise. I have had many occasions to contact Stephanie with acute complaints or maladies and she has ALWAYS had a remedy. I recommend Stephanie to all who take their health to heart and soul!
    Jayleen Stonehouse
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    Steph has been helping my family and I for years with homeopathy. I highly recommend her services and appreciate all she has taught me about homeopathics. Thank you!
    Donna Ogden
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    Stephanie is a very gifted healer and uses all her training and intuition to provide a holistic experience. Thank you Stephanie for all you have done for us throughout the years 🌸

    Alina Cosman
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    To Whom it May Concern

    I have been a patient to Stephanie Marwood since 2002. Stephanie has been a godsend to me and to my family all those years. I suffer numerous maladies, most life-threatening, and Stephanie has helped me to navigate many very difficult recoveries, when our medical system either could not or would not help.

    Stephanie has been there at all hours when I needed her, showing an uncommon dedication to her profession.

    Jennifer Ogden

    Jennifer Ogden
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    “To experience this is truly transformational.  You are truly ‘enlightened’ after a session with Stephanie.”