Kristen Chater

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My daughter, who is 6yrs old, and I, have been using Stephanie’s acute homeopathic care program for the past year. She has been so detailed, prompt and attentive with our needs when we need her help. She’s helped us navigate through viral symptoms, bug bites, animal scratches, allergies, fractured bones, headaches, random symptoms we can’t figure out, tooth infections - which were told by our dentist would be untreatable aside from extraction ! Stephanie has helped my family feel calm and safe during unpredictable incidents, knowing we have her and homeopathy in our corner. Her services have helped my daughter build a divine trust for her body’s ability to work as a system and do amazing things at such a young and impressionable age. We have never felt frightened or uneasy of any symptoms we’ve had, we just “Call Stephanie please, I think I need a remedy.” (Is what my daughter would say). Stephanie always makes us feel cared for; She is thorough, specific, and knowledgeable, and it’s been life changing having her on our family health team !